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Scotty Rocket Launcher

Nov21 2012

Scotty Rocket Launcher

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The Scotty Rocket Launcer reminds me of the traditional flush mount rod holders on steroids. The Rocket Launcher is a great way to add multiple rod positions as well as an option for mounting accessories such as at the YakAttack Visicarbon Pro or a YakAttack PanFish for your GoPro.  The fact that the Rocket Launcher sits higher than a flush mount and adjusts to a vertical position allows for accessories to sit much higher than if inserted into a flush mount holder.  

The Rocket Launcher's additional vertical height makes it a prime candidate for trolling as well as a great improvement over other flushmounts for keeping reels away from the salt.

Though more expensive than the traditional flush mount rod holder, the Rocket Launcher is slightly cheaper than a RAM tube rod holder.  The biggest drawbacks of the Rocket Launcher compared to the RAM tube are the lack of up/down adjustment points (remedied by the new Scotty Offset Gears/Slip Disks) and the lack of side-to-side adjustments (currently no solution).

The gallery below highlights how I mounted the Rocket Launchers on my Commander 120.

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