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Feb27 2013

Crateless Rod Holder

One of the major challenges in rigging out a kayak is finding enough room to carry the amount of rods you'll need on the water.  Though a kayak will never be a bass boat with a locker full of rods, I don't think its unreasonable to carry as many as six different rods. 

My previous rod solution consited of two single rod holders attached to a triple rod holder on a CratePak Max.  This gave me 5 rod holders, and I could use a Scotty Rocket Launcher if I needed a sixth rod.  The only problem with this solution was that the narrower rearwell of the Commander forced me to have the rods directly to my back.  Whenever I needed access to the contents of the CratePak Max, I had to reach through the rods.  It was a matter of time before I snagged myself with a crankbait (I did come close a few times).

The solution detailed below was inspired by Kayakin-Assassin on the Texas Fishing Forum.

Materials Needed

This solution allows me to leave the triple rod holder attached to the CratePak Max and face it towards the rear of the kayak. My only concern is that the attachment point on the Commander 120 is a bit "flimsy". I don't forsee it being a problem, but over time, the weight may weaken the attachment point.

Special thanks to Hook1 for the great gear.  Check them out for all your kayaking needs.


That is clever!

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